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If you have been contacted regarding a Folate "study" or the need for a spinal tap, please click here for important information.

Just published in the Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry special Mitochondrial Disorders issue: "Mitochondrial disorders: Overview of diagnostic tools and new diagnostic trends”. Click here to read Dr Kendall's article.
Dr Kendall was honored to receive MitoAction's "Making a Difference in Mito" award while attending their fundraising "Derby Day" event in Boston.
Dr Kendall's response to an "Ask the Mito Doc" question was published in the's recent Connect newsletter. She is one of the doctors that the UMDF relies on to regularly answer send in questions. Click here for a copy of the page from the UMDF newsletter.
Somehow this one slipped by. In addition to Dr Kendall being a guest lecturer at the FOD/OAA Nat'l Metabolic Conference this past year, the Fatty Oxidation Disorders (FOD) newsletter this past July featured two articles by Dr Kendall. Click here for a copy of the FOD newsletter.
Info from the UMDF on the Mito cocktail and other supplements being covered by insurance. Click here...
Checked out an revamped bio on Dr Kendall under our About Us tab! Click here...
Do I have Mito? When you hear hoofbeats, think Zebras.Does my child have Mito? How do I know? How can I be tested? What should I do?! Click here for Dr Kendall's MitoAction presentation.
Dr Kendall was honored to lecture to metabolic dietitians and medical fellows at the Emory Univ Metabolic Nutrition Symposium for Genetic Metabolic Nutrition & Expanded Newborn Screening: Clinical Correlations. Dr Kendall believes that if one person with mito is identified sooner rather than later, it is well worth the effort to educate .
We have re-diagnosed several patients with other disorders including chromosome deletions and even treatable rickets that have come to us thought to have a mito disorder. Use of advanced technology and always approaching patients with "fresh eyes" does make a difference.

LASTEST NEWSLETTER RELEASED Full of info and remember to email us if you wish to be included in our newsletter releases as they happen. Contains a welcome to VMP of Mito Mom and Nurse Kristi Cole, how exercise can help, info on medications, where to find info on Mito Awareness Week. Also contains Dr Kendall's upcoming lectures & events including lecturing to parents, GA nurses, being a VIP to the Mito Walk in Charlotte, and guest lecturer to medical students. Go to our Resource tab for our Newsletter section - click here

Dr Kendall is always honored to have the opportunity to lecture via's monthly teleconference. Her lastest lecture was on Mito-Autism - diagnoses, testing and treatment - click here to listen
Brighter Days: Mitochondrial Medicine in 2011. Click here for the interview with Dr Kendall.
Latest published medical article is in our Articles section of our Resources tab on "MCT oil-based diet reverses hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in a patient with very long chain acyl-coA dehydrogenase deficiency - VLCADD. Click here for the article.
Dr Kendall was honored to be a presenter at the UMDF conference in Chicago and chair the panel discussion on the latest trends in testing. More exciting news will be shared in our next newsletter.
Dr Kendall presented" Bridging the Gap Between mito and Autism" at the AutismOne - Generation Rescue Conference in Chicago! Click here to see more about Autism
Dr Kendall had an article published in Autism Science Digest for the Autism awareness month issue. Many recent studies have linked Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to poor mitochondrial functioning. Understanding these disorders, their symptoms and evaluation may help ASD families determine if further testing is important for their child. Click here for more information.
Dr. Kendall was honored to be asked to return for the second year as a guest lecturer at a national medical school presenting mitochondrial disorders to medical students. She welcomed this opportunity to created interest within the body of students and hopefully some students will chose to pursue genetics in their career since nationally we face a critical shortage of genetic physicians.
Dr. Fran Kendall was honored to be a UMDF guest presenter during the UMDF's planned Awareness Week. Click here for the 30 minute webinar.
Article from Dr Kendall for the Dare to Hope Foundation newsletter which works to better the lives of children with rare or complex medical conditions. Click Here.
Dr Kendall was honored to be a visiting VIP answering questions about mitochondrial disease at the Carolina Foothills UMDF Energy For Life Walk in Charlotte, NC.
Dr Kendall's presentation at the FOD/OAA Nat'l Metabolic Conference was well received. A nat’l drug co inquired about Dr Kendall doing grand rounds. So who knows, we may see you locally!

EXCITING NEWS! Please contact us for more information.

  • Some of our patients has been accepted into the Leigh disease clinical drug treatment trial which is now being run at Stanford. Plus others are currently being evaluated for inclusion and expansion of the trial.
In case you missed Dr Fran Kendall's talk on Biopsies, click here for the MP3 file. Feedback has been awesome as everyone likes to be empowered by knowledge. See our Resources tab for a detailed handout on Biopsies or go to:
Dr Kendall was a presenter and on a number of panels at the UMDF Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ this past June.
Avoid a Biopsy? Avoiding invasive, expensive muscle biopsies while providing more extensive & definitive results are recent advances in new non-invasive cheek swab enzymology studies & simple blood sample testing techniques. We are collaborating with several of these groups & if you would like further info, have questions about your current diagnosis or believe a specific gene diagnosis may prove useful to you - please contact us for details.
We have created a 15 pg insiders guide to Muscle Biopsies that contains information to be aware of and questions you can ask the provider that you may be thinking of using for the biopsy. We believe in empowering patients so they can make informed decisions. Thanks to all who helped.

Check out our online presentations on our Lecture page - mito & autism, general overview of mito, and the dosing debate audio.

We are on Facebook (Virtual Medical Practice) and click "like" to stay up to date with important news or tools - click here for Facebook page.

A mom wrote in about how important our Patient Advocacy services were to her family and son. We thought it was a good idea, but had no idea how much. You can read the whole letter at our Patient Advocacy page by clicking here.

Click here for the abstract of a presentation at the ICIEM (Int'l Congress on Inborn Errors of Metabolism) hosted by the SIMD (Society of Inherited Metabolic Disorders) - MCT Oil Based Diet Reverses Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in a Patient with VLCADD

Our patient care does not end with appointments. Dr Kendall saw a few of her patients inpatient at a local hospital and she was consulted by staff at a hospital located outside the Atlanta metro area. If you or your child are hospitalized, please contact us as we are here to assist with your care.

Dr. Kendall was honored to present a well received lecture on Autism and Mitochondrial Disease for the North Fulton County Autism group. See our Lecture page for the slideshow and audio.

Dr. Kendall was elected to the Medical Advisory Committee for MitoAction, one of two national organizations dedicated to Mitochondrial Disease and awareness. Dr. Kendall is excited about working with many of her former Harvard colleagues on behalf of all of you. For more information on MitoAction go to

Our first metro-Atlanta house-call! Unfortunately, some children and adults with mito have overwhelming problems keeping them house-bound and often preventing them from getting the care they desperately need. For information about our house call services please contact us.

An insurance company reimburses 100% of our fee to patient minus typical co-pay. Another patient stated, "You'll find that handling your own insurance paperwork is well worth the tradeoff for getting comprehensive and real time information."

Rave reviews from patients on the quickness (4 weeks), cost, and accuracy of how we coordinated their biopsy. To read more about biopsies, please see our FAQ's on Genetic Testing page or our download at

See and hear Dr. Fran D Kendall's "Overview of Mitochondrial Disorders" presentation to Georgia School Nurses in our About Us section.

Dr Fran Kendall

Click here if you or yours has the Flu or Cold

Dr Fran Kendall is 100% focused on patient care for children & adults from around the world with rare genetic, metabolic, mitochondrial & inherited disorders by providing: evaluation, consultation, next gen sequencing, exome gene sequencing, buccual swab (cheek) testing, biopsies, testing interpretation, medical record review, second opinions performed remotely, diagnosis & ongoing management.

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As a strictly clinical practice with no laboratory affiliation or financial incentive in the tests we order; we order testing necessary for you and strictly in your best interest. Additionally, we are not invested in any one laboratory technology or direction but open to those technologies and directions that provide the best results and most cost effective approach for our patients.

Our MD's return your calls and emails because we practice medicine the old fashion way - yet by incorporating the latest technologies for your benefit. You will always receive one on one personalized care from a doctor who is a genetic expert with 20 years of experience. The issues you face are important to us and you should have the best care possible at all times! Check out what our patients say about us at our Testimonials page.

Our mission is to extend the reach of specialized healthcare to an under served population by physicially seeing the vast majority of our patients in our clinical office and by utilizing readily available and cost effective technology when appropriate for those that cannot travel for various reason such as being physicially unable to do so. No higher compliment can be received than to earn your trust and assist in your care.

VMP is the brainchild of Dr. Fran Kendall, a renowned expert in genetics for over 20 years and former owner of a successful genetic laboratory and genetic clinical practice.
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